The Barn T&G Hutch

48" Barn Hutch36" Barn Hutch (legs not fitted)

Sloping felt roof hutch built from quality tongue and groove timber complete with separate sleeping area and extra long removable legs.

W x D x H
HB36The Barn Hutch 36"505513800021238 x 20 x 17
HB48The Barn Hutch 48"505513800023649 x 20 x 17

The Barn Two Floor Activity/Double Hutch

48" Activity Hutch (legs not fitted)

Activity Hutches that can also be used to house two rabbits or guinea pigs independently of each other by closing the ramp & adding the pop out divider for the sleeping area provided with the hutch.

W x D x H
HBA36Barn 36" Two Floor Activity/Double Hutch 505513800026738 x 20 x 17
HBA48Barn 48" Two Floor Activity/Double Hutch 505513800027449 x 20 x 17