The Constructed Hutch and Run

Constructed HutchImage Not Available

Supplied ready assembled, constructed from quality plywood pre-treated with red cedar stain.  Separate sleeping area.  Legs are available separately and are required for use with front runs.  The Fully Folding Front Run folds back to the hutch to make moving the complete hutch and run easier. 

W x D x H
HC40Ply Hutch Constructed Flat Roof 40"505513800072440 x 18 x 16
HC40LPly Hutch Constructed Flat Roof 40" (with legs)505513800073140 x 18 x 27
HC48Ply Hutch Constructed Flat Roof 48"505503019106349 x 18 x 16
HC48LPly Hutch Constructed Flat Roof 48" (with legs)505513800074849 x 18 x 27
FRHC48Fully Folding Front Run for HC48 Constructed Ply Hutch505513800051948 x 48 x 26
HLP10" Hutch Legs for Constructed Hutch505513800121910"

NB : Legs are required on constructed hutches when used in conjunction with FRHC48 front run.

Constructed Hutch Combo

Combo Constructed Hutch

Sloping felt roof with separate sleeping area and access through floor via lockable hinged ramp to a full size run attached beneath.  Constructed from quality timbers and plywood pre-treated both inside and out with red cedar stain.

W x D x H
HRC48Constructed Combo Hutch with Run 48"505503010951848 x 46 x 39